Big Rat .Studio's Tiny Gallery Exhibitions

Katya Rogers


6th September -30th September 2022

Foreshore is an exhibition of works by London based artist Katya Rogers. 

Pewter casts of animal bones, teeth, rocks and casts of the artists fingers. This alien landscape illustrates the unpredictable nature of melting and casting pewter. 

Foreshore combines the exploration of the Thames foreshore, around Canary Wharf and an exploration into materiality, using mudlarking finds and solidifying the into a landscape of their own.


Pewter, rocks, sea glass, recycled silver


Sophire Fennell

The One Who Gathers

16th August- 30th August 2022

The One Who Gathers by Sophire Fennell is the third exhibition in Big Rat .Studio’s Tiny Gallery. Sophire is a poet and artist based between Hastings and London.

As a way of connecting back to process, Sophire has been exploring foraging and making with objects from nature. The One Who Gathers is an installation of found materials and elements from nature imbued with themes of the domestic, the familiar and quiet story telling.

Twigs, branches, decayed leaves and glue


Richard Phoenix


20th October- 20th November 2021

“A hand hovers above. A new sculptural painting to celebrate beginnings, grieve endings and perform a hymn to the rhythms in between.” RIDE by Richard Phoenix is the second exhibition in Big Rat’s (Tiny) Studio. Phoenix is an artist, writer and musician currently living in Hastings, his bio reads: 

I work for the learning disability arts organisation Heart n Soul as their Associate Artist. I was a part of the Conditions Studio Programme in Croydon from 2018 -2021. I was an artist-in residence within Tate’s Schools and Teachers department. I founded the not-for-profit organisation Constant Flux, wrote the DIY as Privilege manifesto, and play in several punk bands.

RIDE is a an exhibition of works made in memory of Phoenix’s friend Chris Rider, who passed away recently. Rider was the drummer in the band ‘Beat Express’ a group of neuro-diverse musicians who Phoenix, also a drummer, worked with. The work seeks to honour the contribution Rider made to Phoenix’s life and come to terms with his sudden death; in doing this the show highlights the accessibility of music, the interpretation of gesture and potentials of care.

The arm that descends at the back of the gallery dwells in an ambiguity of gesture — picking up or dropping a drumstick; a stick so dark it’s hardly there. The piece itself is a demonstration of the ripple effect of a simple act. Everyone is playing a different rhythm and those rhythms slip in and out of phase, Phoenix asks us to accept challenges to our perspective and be excited by their possibility. 

Karolina Dworska


10th August- 10th September 2021

“The lazy body is unpoised, relaxed; it flops without concern of the outside world or its endless responsibilities.”

LAZY is an exhibition of works by London based artist Karolina Dworska. Working predominantly in textile, she returns to sculpture as a medium to create the Lazy installation in collaboration with Big Rat Studio. She uses the motif of teeth and the mutated figure to hint at the dreamscape. 

b. 1997, Rzeszów, Poland

Karolina is a 202 graduate from Goldsmiths and one of Bloomberg’s 2021 New Contemporaries.

Her work delves into the subject matter of the in-between; the grey area between dream and reality, and fantasy spaces, balancing precariously between definitions. She also explores her migrant background within her work, having immigrated to the UK as a child from Bieszczady, Poland. Her multidisciplinary practice focuses on dreamscapes, in which things are not quite right, undefined and uncomfortable, explored through a variety of sculptural and textile mediums. 

Lazy: Approx 20cm x 15cm x 8cm, polymer clay, wire, aluminium foil. Fabric, thread, £200