Newsletter Submissions

If you have a piece of writing that you want to share or want an opportunity to voice whatever dark thoughts may be in your head, then this is the time! You can be as creative as you like with your submission, provided that it is under 300 words. Stories, mini essays, opinion pieces, shopping lists, celebrity crushes, house rotas, grievances with the local council about bin collection and so on and so on. 
We’re looking for bold and interesting pieces of writing in whatever format suits you. These pieces will be curated and organised into a risograph printed  newsletter that will be a bi-monthly feature provided this idea does not crash and burn. 
This is your chance to finally get back at all those people who doubted you by being in a niche ad-hoc publication for the (relative) masses to see!
Submit writings or proposals to with the subject heading ‘ISSUE 1 OPEN CALL’. 

Tiny Gallery Submissions

The Tiny Gallery aims to show works in a free and accessible way- through a shop window. Showing early career artists and recent graduates, we hope to be able to make fresh and exciting art available to everyone. We invite artists to work within the (tiny) gallery’s restrictions and give them the opportunity to play with scale in their work.

We’re always looking for new artists to collaborate with, if you think this could be you and you have some tiny work or plans to make some tiny works, don’t hesitate to email us!

If you have an idea that you want to execute, please email proposals to with the subject heading ‘TINY GALLERY PROPOSAL’