Tiny Gallery Exhibitions

In 2021, we created Big Rat .Studio’s Tiny Gallery- an 18x12x11 inch miniature art gallery. The gallery was created with an aim to show the works of early career artists in a (as much as possible) low stress and exciting way. The size of the gallery means that artists are challenged to create works in a different way than they might be used to. We have found that this reduction in size has given exhibiting artists the freedom to make pieces of work that couldn’t be shown in a human sized gallery space. 

The space’s small size means that we can move it around and house these shows almost anywhere! We have shown in places like storefronts, cafes and pubs- making the viewing of artwork a more accessible and possibly less daunting experience for the audience. 

Digital Exhibitions

In 2020, we produced our first digital exhibition as a response to being stuck in our houses during the pandemic. What originally started as a one-off digital show has become an ongoing project which aims to make a space for artists to share their works in a way that is more free than putting on a physical show. 

Our first show ‘I MADE THIS FOR THE RAT THAT LIVES UNDER MY OVEN’ is a light hearted exhibition featuring works in a computer generated art gallery, showcasing works from artists all over the world.